Esper LSHAU 002

Real Name

Meta Ulnoor


Titan, moon of Saturn




Legion of Super-Villains

Abilities and Powers


First Appearance

Lightning Storm

Voiced By

Grey DeLisle



Meta Ulnoor was considered one of the top telepaths of Titan the moon of Saturn. She even boasted that she was greater than Saturn Girl of the Legion of Superheroes. However, her pride in her powers, led others to denounce Ulnoor as arrogant. As Esper, she decided to join Tyr's Light Speed Vanguard rather than apply for the Legion of Superheroes. In one encounter, Esper psychically shielded her team mates' minds to prevent the Legion's Saturn Girl from learning their true intentions. The Legion later defeated the Vanguard and they were imprisoned on Takron-Galtos.

After being freed by Imperiex, Esper and the Vanguard, now named the Legion of Supervillains, helped exact revenge on the Legion. In the battle, Esper hit Saturn Girl with a mind blast that left her in a coma for months. Esper was defeated and re-imprisoned.


  • Telepathy: Esper's main power is the power of telepathy. She can create mental projections from her mind and read the thoughts of others. She can also create a multiple-mind link with whoever, making it easier for the team to communicate during missions.
  • Healing Trance: If Esper is weakened physically and/or emotionally, she is put into a deep sleep to let her mind rest and let it heal for a while.
  • Brain Blasts


  • Other Telepaths: Esper can be taken down by telepaths like Saturn Girl.
  • Brain Blasts: Some of her mind-attacks (called Brain Blasts) can be too much for Esper and she is knocked out in the process.


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