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The Messanger
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21st century

First Appearance

Message in a Bottle


The Messanger is a crucial technological wonder invented by the late Jor-El. It was used to stabilize the planet Krypton with synthetically produced crystals. It was a success and kept in the capital city, Kandor. However, Brainiac 1.0 later invaded the planet, miniaturized Kandor, and stole the city. Without the Messanger, the planet was doomed. The Kandorians took the Messanger and buried it under the Temple of Rao so that it would not be tampered with by Brainiac. It was also programmed to defend itself if anyone discovered its location. As a last resort, a map detailing its location was given to the Chancellor of Kandor.

In the 31st century, Imperiex tried to steal the Messanger to further his plans to take over the universe. The Legion of Superheroes received intelligence on this and also entered Kandor. While Brainiac 5 thought the Messanger should be destroyed, Superman wanted to use it save them. The two later compromise. With the Messanger, they restore Krypton and Kandor and in exchange, Superman has his memory of the mission erased.