R.J. Brande
R. J. Brande

Real Name

Ren Daggle, alias Rene Jacques Brande




Durlan (trapped in Human form)


Brande Industries, Legion of Superheroes

Abilities and Powers

Shape-shifting (formerly), now trapped in human form. Entrepreneurship and Technology

First Appearance

In the Beginning

Voiced By

Lex Lang


Chameleon Boy (son)


In the 20th century, a Durlan and his entrepreneurial spirit was incapatible with his planet's culture. He found a ship and left Durla but a meteor shower forced him to land on Colu. The Durlan was captured and treated as a lab experiment until he was freed by Vril Dox II. The Durlan planted ideas of freedom in Dox who was in the service of a repressive regime.

Through an unexplained series of events, he found himself teleported to the 30th century. On the return trip to his homeworld, he took the name Ren Daggle, married, and had two children, Reep and Liggt. However, Daggle discovered he contracted Yorrgian Fever and the cure would strip him of his natural shape shifting power.

He journeyed to Earth and took the name R.J. Brande. He realized that a technology he was familiar with was lost in the past and sought to recreate it. Named a Star Builder, it gathered large amounts of gas, ignited them, and formed a star. Brande incorporated Brande Industries and quickly became one of the most proitable companies on the Interstellar Stock Exchange.

Brande's success earned the animosity and jealousy of his assistant, Roderick Doyle. Doyle arranged an assassination in a bid to take over the company. A trio of teenagers saved his life twice. Impressed with their valor, he pledged to help fund and form a super hero group, the Legion of Superheroes. In addition, Brande considered the Legion family and helped them in cases with large political implications. When Imperiex wrecked havoc on Earth, Brande loaned them one of his battle cruisers as a temporary base of operations.

Years later, the Legion and Brande earned an award of merit. However, Doyle attempted to kill him again but failed.


  • Durlan Physiology: Ren has the same shape-shifting ability that is innate among all his people. They can take the form of any object or organism their body can 'scan' with their antennae and morph into it within seconds. Ren is able to shift into forms both larger and smaller than he is, creating or disregarding mass at whim. He can also elongate parts of his body with this excess mass creation, as well as rearrange his internal organs and tissue such as his eyes, nose, heart, etc. He is a skilled voice imitator to go along with his disguises. Because of these feats he is considered one of the most powerful and versatile Durlan shape-shifters.


  • Yorggian Fever: Ren contracted Yorggian Fever which trapped him the form he was in at the time. He now appears as a human with all the strengths and weaknesses this form provides.


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