Science Police

Base of Operations

New Metropolis, Earth, United Planets

Team Leader(s)

President Wazzo

Current Members

Various Officers

Former Members

Colossal Boy, Nemesis Kid


Legion of Superheroes


Alexis Luthor, Brainiac 1.0, Controller, Dark Circle, Dominators, Drax Zod, Fatal Five, Grimbor the Chainsman, Imperiex, Light Speed Vanguard Dr. Mar Londo, Mordru, Scavengers, Starfinger, the Sun-Eater, Terra-Man

First Apperance

Man of Tomorrow



The Science Police is the primary law enforcement agency of the United Planets. In the 30th century, an experimental high-tech brigade was started as a pilot project. The goal was to determine whether a technologically-equipped group was more effective than a traditional police unit. The high-tech unit won. The Science Police was established and the traditional unit was reduced to a small auxiliary unit.

The Science Police Academy was opened on Mars and specialized in crowd control and crime prevention. Graduates are assigned to low-ranking positions such as prisons or planets under quarantine. As an officer gains more experience and seniority, they receive better posts, such as on Earth. Then only if an officer has demonstrated exemplary work, they are recommended to command training to become leaders.

After the creation of the Legion of Superheroes, the Science Police regarded them with disdain as, they often lured young recruits away from them. In most cases, they thought the Legion was just a great a threat as the super powered criminals they fought against. The Legion, on the other hand, thought the Science Police were too inept to handle the bigger cases because of politics and bureaucracy that comes with United Planets oversight.


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